One day as a small child just learning to speak properly I suddenly declared quite clearly “I want MONEY!” much to the surprise of my mother.  In fact every time she took me down the hall I would excitedly repeat “MONEY!” Why was I so excited about money, at such a young age would I even know what money was?

Of course I did.

Money was my favorite toy, a thinly stuffed, long limb, red hat wearing fuzzy little monkey who had been washed and left up on a shelf I couldn’t reach. But of course I could see him when being carried by my mom.  It really didn’t take long for her to sort it out and after that the name stuck, he was forever after known as Money.

I don’t know what made the image pop into my mind all these years later, but I just knew I had to draw the little guy.

Monkey’s really do make everything better though.

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December 4th, 2009
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